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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement Plans


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Affordable Rates for Solid Coverage from the Industry Leader In Medicare Supplement Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is the most recognizable name in health care of any insurance company. They are the most well known for a reason: Trust. More people trust Blue Cross Blue Shield for the health coverage than any other company because consumers don’t have to sacrifice benefits, affordably or top notch customer service.

Offering all the Most Popular Medicare Supplements

There are a total of 11 Texas Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans approved by CMS and the federal government to offer consumers and Blue Cross Blue Shield offers 7 of them, all with the most popular benefit options. The most popular of all the Texas Medicare Insurance plans is and always has been Plan F offering seniors with full and complete coverage for the Medicare Part A hospital deductible and coinsurance as well as the Part B deductible and any excess charges. This Plan is the most complete and comprehensive of all the plans approved by the government. New this year is a high deductible Plan F with extremely low rates, however due to the $2000 calendar year deductible most seniors on a fixed income feel more secure with less exposure out of pocket.


Plan K and L are more low cost options requiring consumers to assume more of the cost for medical treatment in return for a lower premium. Plan N, which is also new this year covers basic benefits like doctor visits after you have paid up to a $20 copay and up to $50 for an emergency room visit. Plan G looks very much like the ever popular Plan F except it requires you to pay the Part B deductible which for 2011 is $162 a year. Lastly is the basic Plan A which is also offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. This plan is most often purchased by consumers under 65 that find themselves on under age Medicare due to a disability.


Money Saving Medicare Select Plans


Plan F, Plan G, Plan K, Plan L and Plan N also offer what’s called a Medicare Select option which provides the same benefits as their “standard” plans but cost considerably less. The savings is because you agree to use any of their Medicare Select Network Hospitals for all non emergency admissions. Not using one of these providers will result in reduced benefits so we suggest checking with us to confirm adequate hospitals are in your area.


Popular Plan F Covers:


  • Your Part A deductible and coinsurance, for 2011 the deductible is $1132
  • Coverage for an additional 365 extra days of hospital care during your lifetime after Medicare benefits end
  • Your Part B deductible which for 2011 is $162
  • Your Part B coinsurance of 20%
  • First 3 pints of blood
  • Any excess charges that are in excess of the Medicare approved amount
  • Skilled Nursing facility copayment
  • Foreign travel emergency care and treatment
  • Hospice care 


Also, all Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medicare Supplement Plans Provide You:


  • A Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas ID card respected and recognized nationwide
  • Savings on other health care products and services through the BlueExtras discount program
  • Professional, caring and courteous customer service representatives ready to address any issues that may come up during your time with BCBS or Texas
  • Enormous strength and financial stability backed by over 65 years of experience 


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Getting a quote, selecting your plans and applying online is easy however if you do have additional questions or need that personal attention we are here to help. Peeler Insurance Agency is both local owned and operated since 1993 by native Texan Charles Peeler and he would love to work with you in selecting your new Medicare supplement plan but it doesn’t stop there, he will always be by your side to assist in the event you should ever need service. And the great thing, it cost you nothing when dealing with a broker as per state law.